With Morgan and Drake we can:

  • Offer unbiased independent advice as we do not have our own products to promote
  • Diversify risk by working with more than one custodian bank
  • Benefit from a higher level of service
  • Buy financial products from a wide array of suppliers
  • Access reduced fees often only available to Institutional investors
  • Obtain transparency of fees which are openly disclosed. No hidden charges or ‘pay to play’ schemes!

Why the Bahamas?

The mature financial services industry of the Bahamas, its established infrastructure, progressive government, tax neutral environment and luxury lifestyle all have been cultivated very carefully to satisfy the specific needs of this most exclusive clientele.

The range of professional investment management services available in The Bahamas is similar to that found in the world`s leading financial centers such as New York, London or Hong Kong. There are over 120 broker dealers and investment advisory firms that offer investment management services, custodial services, corporate services and registrar and transfer agent services. More than 60 fund administrators provide fund administration, corporate services and registrar and transfer agent services. In excess of 700 Funds are licensed in The Bahamas, with assets under management totaling over $200 billion. The Bahamas offers a financial services platform that serves the needs of private and corporate entities, and that fully supports the success of the jurisdiction with the success of those it serves.

The Bahamas adheres to the principle that persons have a right to privacy with respect to the conduct of their affairs. As such, it will share information only on agreed and transparent protocols agreed to under a Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) reflecting the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) standard for tax information exchange.

The Bahamas has an outstanding record of political and economic stability, progress and stewardship.

  • More than 280 years of uninterrupted parliamentary democracy;
  • It has been an independent nation since 1973, and retains a Westminster-based system of Government and an English-based legal system;
  • Currency on par with US;
  • Member of United Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, Organization of American States and Caribbean Community;

Highest ranking nation for civil liberties & political rights by the World Bank and recognised as a sound environment for foreign direct investment with an Investment Grade Government Debt rating (Standard & Poor`s and Moody’s).